The Teddy Bear Chair AP19 – Hans J Wegner

The Teddy Bear chair by Hans J Wegner

A timeless classic and perhaps one of the most recognizable armchairs by Hans J Wegner – one of the most prolific Danish mid-century modern furniture designers – in close competition with Arne Jacobsen and his ‘Egg Chair’.
The Teddy Bear Chair is widely copied and often referred to as the Papa Bear chair as well – receiving its name from a review by a journalist, who described his experience of sitting in one, as being hugged by a giant teddy bear with armrests like paws reaching around to comfort you.

Hans J Wegner designed The Teddy Bear armchair in 1951 and it was put into production by AP Stolen, who outsourced the production of the chair’s frame to PP Moebler in 1953. PP are now the current holders of the design license for the Teddy Bear Chair and they put it back into production in 2003 to celebrate their 50 year anniversary with the chair.
Hans J Wegner’s goal was to design a chair that offered ultimate support and was comfortable to sit in regardless of your position. The open armrests made it a lighter less restricting wing back chair compared with some of his earlier versions and those of his contemporaries.

Teddy Bear Chairs designed in 1951 by Hans J Wegner

Teddy Bear Chair AP19 with footstool AP/PP120 by Hans J Wegner
Tan-leather Teddy Bear Chair by Hans J Wegner
Tan-leather Teddy Bear Chair by Hans J Wegner

Hans J Wegner’s career covered over 500 different chair designs, many of which are still popular and in production today. The Teddy Bear Chair remains the most exclusive chair of them all.

Teddy Bear Chair designed in 1951 by Hans J Wegner

PP moebler