The ‘Seven’ Series chair by Arne Jacobsen

The Seven chair by Arne Jacobsen

The Seven Series chair was designed in 1955 by Arne Jacobsen – a follow up to his ‘Ant’ chair from 1952 – and like most of his work both these chairs were a result of a visionary designer famous for pushing the boundaries within existing manufacturing techniques as well as discovering new methods along the way.

The Seven Series chair is a four legged stackable chair that represents the culmination of the laminating technique – a process that was perfected in the 1920s and 1930s by Søren Hansen – the grandson of the founder of Fritz Hansen. This possibilities presented by the laminating technique were explored in full by Arne Jacobsen and the results of his labour is the iconic chair we know today. Still in production by Fritz Hansen and Arne Jacobsen’s most sold piece as well as arguably one of the most recognisable and sold chairs throughout the history of furniture design.

Stackable Seven Series chairs by Arne Jacobsen
New-editions of the Seven Series chair by Arne Jacobsen

The collaboration between Arne Jacobsen and Fritz Hansen began in 1934 and they didn’t have a commercial breakthrough until the success of the ‘Ant’ chair in 1952 – and again in 1955 with the ‘7’ chair, which well and truly put them on the map forever. A highly active designer and architect whose design ethos involved designing every last detail and entire environments rather that individual and isolated objects.

Trolly with stackable Seven Series chairs by Arne Jacobsen
Grouped Seven Series chairs in black leather
Leather detail on Seven Series chair

The Seven chair comes in a wide range of colours and wood sorts as well as optional leather covers or upholstery. It also has a version with arm rests, with casters – or both. All models are a derivative of the original model number ending on ‘7’ – The Seven Series.

Various Seven Series chairs

He famously designed every aspect of the Royal Copenhagen Hotel in the late 1950s and it was while he created the Seven Series chair that he also designed and developed a handful more of his now world famous pieces for this project, including The Egg Chair, The Swan Chair -and sofa and the 3300 series. While he may not be remembered quite as much for his contribution to architecture – his product and furniture design lives on and continues to be celebrated both nationally and internationally as the work of a true visionary.