Ole Wanscher 1903 – 1985

Ole Wanscher

Ole Wanscher was a Danish furniture designer who went on to become one of the leading figures of the Scandinavian Design movement in the years when it gained international popularity. Ole Wanscher was a student of Kaare Klint, later following in his footsteps as professor at the Furniture School of the Royal Academy in Copenhagen.

In the years after his graduation from The Danish School of Art and Design he worked along side Kaare Klint from 1924-27 and was greatly influenced by his style and approach.Throughout the 1930s and 1940s Ole Wanscher worked closely with master cabinetmaker A.J. Iversen and produced dozens of designs that are now considered modern classics.

166-chairs-and-sofa by Ole Wanscher
Rocking-chair by Ole Wanscher

Like Klint, he was inspired by classical furniture and had considerable interest in and knowledge about, not only English 18th century furniture, but also early Egyptian furniture.  “The Egyptian Stool” from 1960, a slight, delicate piece where luxurious materials and excellent craftsmanship is combined are a testament to these influences.

Colonial-chair by Ole Wanscher
Egyptian-stool by Ole Wanscher

Although Ole Wanscher took great interest in industrially made furniture and designed several pieces with this in mind, his finest work were made in collaboration with master cabinetmaker A.J. Iversen.