Light ’em up!

Light em up

As a Scandinavian I have Viking blood coursing through my veins and although our general approach to the outside world has become far more civilised over the centuries – one thing remains true:

We like to light things on fire….or paint them white.

Canvas tea light holders with glass insert

If you visit our Nordic shores, it’s not unusual to find bon-fires on the beaches, fire pits in the gardens, torches leading you to our front doors – and candles – lots of them, welcoming you inside.

A beautiful (controlled) fire has a strange soothing effect on most people. It’s a primal thing – like the sunset or the ocean. It has the magical ability to make time stop – giving us more time to reflect. And who hasn’t contemplated great things, while staring at an open flame?…if only to wonder how many people have done the very same thing before us?…in between pondering the fate of the free world and why you never see any baby pigeons…