Hans J Wegner 1914 – 2007

Hans J Wegner

Hans J Wegner was born in 1914 in Denmark and became a world renowned furniture designer and architect, adding considerably to the international popularity of Danish Modern Design. With over 500 chairs to his name, of which 100 were put into mass production and many of these becoming celebrated design icons, Hans J Wegner  is the most prolific Danish designer to date.

Folding chair by Hans J Wegner
Shell chair by Hans J Wegner

His style and work is well known for its focus on functionality and aesthetics as well as his love of natural materials. Hans J Wegner began his career as a cabinetmaker in 1931 and went on to study at the Copenhagen School of Arts & Crafts, receiving his architectural degree in 1938. He worked as a designer in Arne Jacobsen and Erik Møller’s architectural office before starting his own in 1943. He received his first international breakthrough in 1949 with his design of ‘The Round Chair’, which was catapulted info fame when used in the televised presidential debate with Nixon and Kennedy in 1960. It was later referred to merely as ‘The Chair’.

Three legged chair by Hans J Wegner
The Round chair by Hans J Wegner
The-Ox chair by Hans J Wegner

Wegner’s design won worldwide recognition through the 1950’s and 1960’s and his furniture, in particular his chairs, are still on permanent display in some of the world’s most prestigious museums.