Arne Jacobsen 1902 – 1971

Arne Jacobsen

Arne Emil Jacobsen was born on Feb 11 1902 in Copenhagen, Denmark. One of Denmark’s most famous architects to date, he is credited with bringing modernism to Danish architecture. He is particularly remembered for his high attention to detail and intense involvement in his building projects – typically covering everything from the building structure itself to the doorhandles inside.

Jacobsen trained as an architect at ‘Kunstakadeniet’ in Denmark, where he later returned as a professor in building design and helped influence new generations of architects and designers with his minimalist style and approach. He got his breakthrough in the early 1950s with the ‘Ant’ chair and a few years later it was cemented with the ‘7’ chair – both still in production by manufacturer Fritz Hansen who have a longstanding relationship with Arne Jacobsen dating back to 1934.

Ant chair by Arne Jacobsen
Seven chair by Arne Jacobsen

His design of the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen in 1960 included the interiors and yielded some of his most celebrated work – among them the ‘Egg Chair’ and ‘Swan Chair’ – still some of the most popular and sought after examples of mid-century modern Danish furniture today.

Swan and Egg chair in the SAS Hotel lobby in Copenhagen
Swan and Egg chair in the SAS Hotel in Copenhagen

Arne Jacobsen applied his design talent to a wide range of products as diverse as kitchen taps, coffe pots and even his own type face. Throughout his career and life he was awarded with prestigious design awards both in Denmark and in the international arena. Today over 60 years after its original design the ‘7’ chair is now considered an iconic design piece the world over and there are no signs that the interest in Arne Jacobsen’s legacy will be waning anytime soon.