My name is Rie. Pronounced Ria or Rhea – I’m from Denmark. Like most Scandinavians I grew up around design in one way or another. In fact, it’s very hard or next to impossible to avoid it in our neck of the woods. From everyday items to entire building projects, design and architecture plays a huge part in our culture. Nothing is too mundane to be re-invented as a more aesthetically pleasing or clever version of itself. And if you know any of us, I’m sure you’ve already picked up on our relentless need to paint everything white and light candles day and night for the sheer ‘hygge’ and atmosphere it provides.

Having lived in the UK for over 25 years now, somewhere along the way my yearning for Denmark and Scandinavia became less about rye-bread (although, yes…) and more about living spaces and all the aspects of Nordic living that I have missed so much. So faced with the opportunity to fix up and live in a small Victorian house in North London, it soon involved removing walls and carpets, adding windows, laying wooden floors…and yes, painting everything white. It was a project I affectionately referred to at the time as ‘Scandifying’ the house. Then came time for decorating and creating the interiors. Not remotely able to fit, much less afford everything I came across into my own home, Scandified was born.

What is Scandified.com?

My idea for this website has changed many times over the years. Starting with importing Danish vintage design furniture and later dabbling in sourcing a small range of new interior products and selling on-line. Storing them first at home with post office shipping and then moving to a fulfillment warehouse. Over time it became impossible to ignore that my passion lies in finding and presenting a much wider range of products, ideas and solutions that all take root in Scandinavian interiors and lifestyle. From teaspoons, socks and shampoos to sofas and outdoor kitchens, it really was an on-line department store I had in mind. But failing a sudden and unexpected inheritance to rival that of a lottery win, alas – this vision was not within my grasp.

Affiliate links…

I have since discovered affiliate marketing, which offers me the opportunity to showcase and promote multiple products from a wide range of merchants (sellers). In simple terms: I earn a small commission from sellers, if my efforts here result in a click-to and purchase from their website. Crucially, at no extra cost to the buyer. That said, it is in no way necessary that a product is an affiliate opportunity for me to promote it. My Blog, Facebook and Instagram posts will also often promote non-affiliate items. However, due to the many technical issues involved in maintaining multiple non-affiliate links (trust me, I tried), everything in the Scandified catalogue is an affiliate link with access to the seller’s product information. This makes it possible for me to keep links updated on a rolling basis and helps my users avoid disappointing ‘dead’ links and ensure they are presented with recent prices, offers and availability. I take great care – and at times irrational pride – in only sharing items I believe fit the Nordic sensibilities for design, interiors and lifestyle. Anything less, and I face being disowned by my fellow Scandinavians and having my Danish citizenship revoked in shame.

From high-end product design and furniture classics to affordable home wares, fashion and lifestyle products…I hope you like what I found as much as I loved searching for it.