My name is Rie – I’m from Denmark and like most Scandinavians I grew up around design in one way or another. In fact it’s very hard – or next to impossible to avoid it in our neck of the woods. Design and architecture plays a huge part in our culture and it’s something most Scandinavians are very proud of. If you know any of us, I'm sure you've already picked up on this – along with our relentless need to paint everything white and light candles day and night for the ‘hygge' and atmosphere it provides.

I've lived in the UK for over 20 years now and a while back I was inspired to start selling Scandinavian interiors products on-line. Focussing mainly on small to medium sized affordable accessories that can help style a home to make it your own, I set off to shop for products at one of the biggest international design fairs in Paris, where I still go every year to keep my eye on what's new and where design tendencies are going. An experience that can be quite overwhelming but always rewarding. Without the budget of a department store and corresponding fulfillment warehousing the size of a small village, tough choices have to be made when selecting products to sell. In my frustration with these practical limitations, I learned of affiliate marketing whereby I can help promote products of my choice and in the event of a purchase, I gain a small commission from the seller as a reward for my efforts.

My main passion lies in discovering and sourcing the products, so I still keep some stock of my own, which I sell directly from this site – but adding affiliate links gives me the unique opportunity to round up and showcase a much wider range of all the wonderful products on offer out there.
Featuring everything from high-end design and furniture classics to affordable accessories and hand-made artisan pieces from all over the world, they all share a common Scandinavian feel with a keen eye on combining aesthetics and functionality with quality materials and craftsmanship. Whether you want to dip your toe and start slow with a pair of tea light holders or an award winning and unusually pretty pepper mill – or you've been swimming in the Nordic pool of interiors for a while and looking for something more substantial – I'd love to help you Scandify your home.